technical information

All door panels are based on a framework made from edge glued 1st grade pine timber. This allows to make panels more durable and prevent their deformation.

The framework is equipped with horizontal stiffeners and filled with cellular MDF crate, which makes the structure even more durable.

Design features:

The framework is covered with HDF plates on both sides; their thickness depends on the model.

Finally, the panel is finished with high-quality European materials.

 The perimeter of the panel is trimmed with extruded aluminum, which gives it a finished look and increases durability to extend the lifespan of the door.

The panel is 40 mm thick.

The panel with the standard ONSIDE opening has no reveal. The panel and aluminum trimming of a door with the INSIDE opening have a reveal.

 The door panel is compatible with various door opening systems, including hinged doors, sliding doors, and ROTO systems.


The emphasis on the gloss and lightness of the glass makes models from this collection really stand out.

The glass tinted according to the RAL/NCS color chart is set off by the solid parts of the door panel.

All models can be covered with natural veneer or painted according to the RAL/NCS color chart.


- 2 to 4 concealed hinges

- a fitted magnetic latch